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4Inkjets Ink Review

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4inkjets is our highest rated generic ink cartridge company because it offers the best quality ink cartridges, superb customer service, and outstanding return policy along with fast shipping times. Everything you would want in a ink company is here. When we rated the cartridges for our HP, Lexmark, Dell and Brother Laser printer with the cartridges we purchased from 4inkjets, the colors and the depth of the black color was very similar. Some of the panelists could not even tell one printout from another when we used the generic cartridge.

Since 1998, 4inkjets has been one of the internet’s oldest and leading retailer of discounted printer ink cartridges, laser toners, and fax toners. They also won Bizrate platinum circle of excellent award for their outstanding customer service and a five star Yahoo merchant for their excellent customer service and great quality cartridges.  

For the printer ink tests,  we were fully satisfied with the printout quality using their ink. It was very much in par with the original ink cartridges. We printed pictures of students and portraits and they came out close to being identical on both types of ink cartridges. We had the same group of people look at the printouts utilizing ink from 4inkjets and printouts from the original OEM cartridge, and people could barely even tell a difference with black ink. As for the color ink, people notice a very slight grainiest with pink printout, but the rest of the colors were superb and beautiful just like the original cartridges.

We also noticed that over the past few weeks, 4inkjets has lowered their pricing on most of the ink cartridges. Since the generic printer ink cartridge industry is extremely competitive, it’s no wonder they are lowering their prices. But even with lower prices, their quality has not degraded and they still have one of the highest quality ink cartridges in the industry.

Once we place the order, we receive our order within the week. Customer support was also prompt and friendly when we needed and requested assistance with our existing and new order. Finally, the ink we received from 4inkjets was definitely close enough to the real ink so that people have a difficult time distinguishing between the generic and real ink.


Ink Grading Criterions Rating
Quality of the Ink 10/10
Delivery Speed 8/10
Customer Service 8/10
Pricing / Value 9/10
Product Selection 8/10
Final Score A+



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