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All-Ink Printer Ink Review

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Out of the ten generic printer ink companies we have reviewed, All-ink had the highest quality ink cartridges along with one of the best customer service team in the industry. Printer ink produced by this company came closest to the original and often times you would not be able to tell the differences between the printouts using the original manufacturer’s ink cartridge and the ink cartridge from All-ink. For our ink tests, we purchased ink for our Canon, Hewlett Packard and Lexmark printer. We placed three separate orders, and each of these orders came with free shipping. All-ink offers free shipping if you place an order over $40. The ink arrived within three days after we placed the order, which was very prompt. We then did a thorough analysis of the printer ink cartridges.

Besides quality, the ink cartridges produced by All-Ink are also a great value. We measured the yield (quantity of ink included in each cartridge) and all the cartridges exceed the original manufacturer ink cartridge by a 20-30% margin. In other words, ink cartridge by All-ink is not only cheaper, but All-ink also provided more ink per cartridge compared to ink yield on the original manufacturer's ink cartridges since most manufacturers do not usually fill up their cartridges to full capacity.

For our test, we printed several pictures of our first president, George Washington and several pages of text. We compared printouts from the original cartridge and the one using the ink from All-Ink and we could not tell a difference between the two printouts. The tone and detail of Washington's picture were apparent in both printouts. We even had a panelist consisting of business people from office assistants to writers to teachers and they did not notice much difference in the text. However, for the picture of Washington, they did notice it was a tad fuzzier than the one printed with the original cartridge, but the differences were barely perceptible.
All-ink also offered the largest selection of printer ink for all type of printers. They provide ink cartridge refill kits, fax ribbons and maintenance kits for over fifteen brands of laser and ink-jet printers and even fax machines. If you can't find the ink you need for your printer here, more than likely you will not be able to find it anywhere else.

Delivery time with All-ink is also one of the quickest we have seen. We received all of our orders within a few days. The printer ink arrived via priority mail. Customer support responded to our email regarding ink cartridges in only a few hours and the responses were concise and up to the point. Furthermore, we thought their website was easy to understand and searching for printer ink was a breeze. Overall, All-ink is a great inkjet cartridge provider that we highly recommend because of their vast selection, prompt service and the superb quality of their ink cartridges.


Ink Grading Criterions Rating
Quality of the Ink 10/10
Delivery Speed 9/10
Customer Service 9.5/10
Pricing / Value 9.5/10
Product Selection 9.5/10
Final Score A


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