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Inkjets Review

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Inkjets is one of the oldest inkjet companies around on the internet. With their low pricing and competitive shipping rates, why would people search elsewhere. Like 411inkjet, they offer a huge variety of ink cartridges to choose from. However, the problem lies in their quality of the cartridges. Although the pricing is competitive, we notice that cartridges from this company seem to be a notch below the other top tier companies. People could actually tell if you use ink cartridges from this company. Their ink isn’t as crisp as the original or other comparable cartridges and often the tone of the color are not exactly identical.

Their site is also cumbersome to use. They seem to have left the site the same was it many years ago without bothering to change it. Although there is nothing wrong with the current design of the site, the site lacks innovation and sometimes it may take awhile before you are finally able to select your printer and make your purchase. Overall, customer service and selection of product is descent, but their quality of the ink is a bit disappointing.

Ink Grading Criterions Rating
Quality of the Ink 4.5/10
Delivery Speed 6.5/10
Customer Service 8/10
Pricing / Value 8/10
Product Selection 7.5/10
Final Score C

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