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Ink plus Toner Review

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Ink Plus Toner has lower than average prices compared with the rest of its competitors. With extremely low minimums for free shipping (over $50) and cheap ink cartridge prices, you will find savings you can’t find elsewhere. For example, other companies may offer free shipping for higher priced orders over $75, but this company offers it for free for orders under a measly $50. Besides pricing, the ink they offer is one of the highest quality. Its no wonder ink is high quality since it is supplied by 123inkjets, one of the biggest ink manufacturers online. Ink Plus Toner is a clone site of 123inkjets so they have the same product, except for lower prices.

Delivery time was prompt for the product. Like the other top tier suppliers, we received our ink just in prompt time. Customer support is also very friendly and emails that we sent were usually responded to within just a few hours. Pricing for the cartridges are also very competitive.  Quality is also in par with our higher tier packages. Besides ink, you also receive a ninety day risk free trial free and one year quality assurance guarantee. One year might not be enough for quality assurance guarantee. Thus, we had to provide a lower customer service score. On the contrary, is Inkjets is owned by the same company as 123inkjets and thus they provide the same level of quality ink and support.

Ink Grading Criterions Rating
Quality of the Ink 9/10
Delivery Speed 9/10
Customer Service 8/10
Pricing / Value 8/10
Product Selection 9.5/10
Final Score B-


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