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Inksell Review

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Inksell claims to sell higher quality inkjet cartridges and their packaging seem to portray it as that, but do not be fool. Their ink is not bad, but the quality is a little below par of our top tier ink providers. Inksell carries inkjet cartridges, refill kits, toners and much more. However, in this age refill kits require much more work than purchasing replacement cartridges and at often time isn’t worth the justification in price.

They offer a large selection of ink cartridges. Also, our order came within a two week period. Many of the cartridges are a tad bit more expensive than the competition, but usually as not better and sometimes worst in quality. Overall, Inksell is a mid-range generic inkjet provider. There can be better choices found elsewhere.

Ink Grading Criterions Rating
Quality of the Ink 7.5/10
Delivery Speed 7.5/10
Customer Service 6/10
Pricing / Value 5/10
Product Selection 6/10
Final Score C

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