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Inksmile Printer Cartridges Review

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Inksmile is our third highest rated generic ink cartridge company because it offers  satisfactory ink cartridges, superb customer service, and outstanding return policy along with fast shipping times. Everything you would want in a ink company is here. When we rated the cartridges for our HP, Lexmark, Dell and Brother Laser printer with the cartridges we purchased from Inksmile, the colors and the depth of the black color was very similar. Some of the panelists could not even tell one printout from another when we used the generic cartridge.

We printed out photographs with the photo remanufactured cartridge and we also printed a photo with their own generic cartridges and we found that their remanufactured cartridge is slightly better over their generics. However, for the price, the generic was a much better value. Unlike their competitors, they also offer free shipping for any sized order so you never have to worry about purchasing over a certain amount to save money on shipping.

Besides having the highest quality ink for our tested printers, we also received ultra fast responses back from the company. We sent them several emails with questions regarding the ink they sold and they were one of the fastest responders to our emails. Finally, we received our order fairly quick in less than a week after making our purchase from this company. Inksmile offers some of the best promotions in the printer ink business with the best free shipping offer and always numerous coupons on top of their already low prices. Summing it up, Inksmile offers top notch high quality replacement generic inkjets and toner cartridges, fast delivery, solid guarantees with free shipping for any size order that distinguishes itself from other companies.

Ink Grading Criterions Rating
Quality of the Ink 10/10
Delivery Speed 9.5/10
Customer Service 9.5/10
Pricing / Value 9.5/10
Product Selection 9.5/10
Final Score B+



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