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Overnight Inkjets Review

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Overnight Inkjets offers a huge selection of ink jet cartridges, but they still fail to stock up cartridges for printers produced by Canon. The quality of ink we also a few notches below our top tier cartridge providers. Besides that, their high prices, slow delivery time and unresponsive customer support makes us difficult to recommend any purchases from this company. We placed several inkjet orders from the company, but at often times it took over a month before it arrive. Also, when we inquiry about our order, it usually took days before receiving any response and the responses at times seem to be rude. There are better choices for inkjet ink purchases and we suggest looking elsewhere before trying this company.

Ink Grading Criterions Rating
Quality of the Ink 7.5/10
Delivery Speed 4.5/10
Customer Service 5/10
Pricing / Value 5/10
Product Selection 6.5/10
Final Score C

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