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The best time to buy ink

By: Jeff Colemen

A funny irony when it comes to printer cartridges today is how expensive they are. The prices are so high that it might even be less expensive to buy a new printer that has a new ink cartridge inside. You could even find a store which offers such large debates that it would actually be less expensive to buy a new printer than to have your cartridge refilled.

The only way you can truly save money on printer ink cartridges without having to buy a new printer is to buy a refill kit and refill the cartridges yourself. You won’t find a new printer for the price of a refill kit. These kits are a great way to save on your printer cartridges and you should look into them if you don’t have one already.

Difference between color and black printer ink

It’s not a mystery that color cartridges are far more expensive, on average, than black ink cartridges. There are many reasons why, but the truth stands: you will spend an average of at least 30% more for color ink cartridges than for black ink cartridges.

This is, of course, explainable as color cartridges are far more complex than the black ones. Whereas a black ink cartridge is only a single reservoir for a single ink color, a color ink cartridge needs to contain three separate reservoirs for three different colors. Furthermore, when the printer prints something black, things are easy: it just puts a dot of black on the paper. However, when it comes to color ink cartridges the colors must be fit perfectly in order to give the needed color.

There are several types of printers who use color cartridges as well as a black one. The reason for this is very simple and very intelligent. In order to produce black a three-color cartridge would have to combine all the colors, thus consuming all three colors. Using an auxiliary black cartridge can save you a lot of color ink which is more expensive than the black one.



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